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Mockingbird Legacy IIIEmployment Bend OR

Lessons from A Bygone Time

By Benjamin Pierce*

My great-grandpa “Doc” Stanwell, friend of the great Atticus Finch, shared his Southern wisdom with me in his last years. His stories taught me valuable lessons that can be applied to your business. Join me now as I share lessons from the bygone days of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

In 1930’s Southern Alabama, a young person had to be pretty resourceful to work his or her way up the ranks. High-paying jobs were hard to come by and only the most dedicated and ambitious got into them.

But that didn’t dampen Eustace Kincaid’s spirits. One of eight children born to local dirt farmers, Eustace wasn’t the type to let other people’s notions of “reality” stand in the way of what he wanted; he created his own reality.

He started by selling the farm’s produce door to door. He knew that making a little money and getting to know folks in town would be a foot in the door to greater things. People came to appreciate his friendliness and enthusiasm. He used some of his profits to buy books about law, studying by night toward his dream of becoming a lawyer. Each week, he delivered fresh produce to Atticus Finch and shared many a conversation. Atticus began to admire the young man’s spunk and intelligence and one day offered him a job as a paralegal. That was the beginning of a remarkable career that eventually led to Eustace becoming a noted District Attorney.

Many careers are built in steps, with jobs along the journey that can give you valuable experience. Often that means starting with an entry-level position that either develops via promotion, or sets a foundation for new opportunities. Mid Oregon Personnel helps real people develop their skills and experience so they can find a satisfying and sustainable career. We always have job openings available for people looking to get a start in Central Oregon. Give us a call and we’ll help you get your foot in the door!

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*Benjamin Pierce is a fictional character created by “ghost writer,” Kelly Walker.