Looking for a Camp Cook!  Hancock Field Station near Fossil Oregon

This will be the experience of a lifetime and so many great memories


Essential Job Responsibilities
● Plan and cook nutritious menus for various staff and groups, ensuring balanced meals that
accommodate for dietary restrictions and food allergies;
● Wash and sanitize all dishes and surfaces used for meal preparations;
● Regularly clean all areas, coolers, pantries, surfaces, and equipment;
● Keep all areas in compliance with the Oregon state and county health codes as well as American Camp
Association standards;
● Control inventory, order food and/or shop for food, ensuring and balancing sustainable food and budget
● Actively integrate participation, compassion, thought, and informed action to build a supportive learning
Working Conditions
● This position is non-exempt, paid hourly;
● This position is special project, scheduled for XX hours/week;
● This position is scheduled to work the months of ________________;
● On-site living offered, with shared staff quarters:
○ Housing provided during the season. Season runs ________________;
○ Food also provided when site programming includes commercial food service.
● Regular shifts include ______________________;
● Must be able to work independently and manage time with minimal guidance;
● Must have visual, perceptual, cognitive, and judgment ability to recognize and respond verbally to
health and safety concerns, and to deal appropriately with any improper behavior;
● Ability to bend, stoop, and crawl in a kitchen environment for cleaning;
● Physical Demands: 5% sitting, 50% standing, 25% lifting/carrying/pushing XX lbs;
● You must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or qualify for an accommodation under the ADA for medical
or religious reasons;
● Vision Demands include:
○ Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches of less)
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
○ Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more)
○ Peripheral vision (ability to observe an area that can be seen up and down or to the left or right
while eyes are fixed on a given point)
○ Depth and perception (three dimensional vision, ability to judge distance and spatial relationships)
○ Ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eyes to bring an object into sharp focus)
● Environmental Demands include:
○ Hot surfaces and ovens, open flames, and sharp knives;
○ Wet or humid conditions (non-weather)
○ Extreme cold (non-weather)
○ Work near moving mechanical parts
○ Fumes or airborne particles
○ Toxic or caustic chemicals
○ Risk of electric shock
● Noise Levels include:
○ Quiet (examples: library, private office)
○ Moderate (examples: business office with computers and printers, light traffic)
Secondary Job Responsibilities
Provide support to the Outdoor Education team members as assigned by their supervisor. Secondary
responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
● Properly dispose of food waste and recycling. Assist with hauling food waste and recycling into town;
● Coordinate with team members on menu and inventory;
● Wash, dry, and fold kitchen laundry;
● Bake desserts and prepare snack daily;
● Regularly clean all areas, coolers, pantries, surfaces, and equipment;
● Actively integrate diversity, equity, access and inclusion in all areas.
● Working knowledge of cooking in a commercial kitchen;
● Developed understanding of food safety, protocol, and regulations;
● Ability to operate kitchen equipment and tools safely;
● Specific knowledge of major food allergens and dietary preferences;
● Comfort and ability to engage people of diverse backgrounds with a customer service emphasis;
● Efficient planning and coordination skills;
● General computer and budget tracking skills;
● Strong customer service skills.
● Food presentation skills;
● Ability to cook meals and baking from scratch;
● Ability to pack food in coolers and dry bins for travel or camping.
Education & Work Experience
● High School Diploma or Equivalent.
● Menu planning and food ordering experience;
● Experience cooking for camps, schools, or other large groups.
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Additional Requirements/Preferences; Including Licenses and Certifications
● Current Oregon Food Handlers Card;
● Must be at least 18 years old to operate, repair, or clean power-driven food slicers, grinders, choppers
and mixers;
● Pre-employment checks, such as criminal background check, reference checks, and American Camp
Association (ACA) background checks (& on an annual basis).
● Current CPR and first-aid certification.