Looking for full time, highly motivated Operators. Candidates will work in a fast-paced
environment with custom packaging and processing equipment. Individuals must be self-motivated, focused
on quality and be responsible for personal performance. Attention to detail and written work instruction is
critical and required on a daily basis.
Working Conditions- Our state-of-the-art facility is temperature controlled and designed to suit our team and
our processes. Most production activities are considered light duty although long periods of standing are
required. A high emphasis is placed on personal safety and our working culture reflects that priority.
Manufacturing processes have standard operating procedures and built-in engineering controls to ensure the
safest possible working environment. We generally work five, 10-hour days each week through the fall,
winter, and spring months. During the summer months, we drop to four, 10-hour days each week. The need to
occasionally work a weekend or second shift is possible, although rare.

Required Skills-
• Read and write English at a high school graduate level
• Basic math understanding
o Multiply, Divide, Add and Subtract
• Understand how to use different units of measurement
o Weight, length and volume are routine metrics

Beneficial Skills-
• Retail experience with Point of Sales systems
• Previous machine or process operations
• Mechanically inclined
• Lean principles including Standard Work and 5S
• Interpersonal skills that can be utilized to train others and aid in professional development
• Many of our processes are people dependent, staying on task to support your team and the needed
output are essential
• Ability to follow written directions with a focus on safety and quality
• Positive, flexible attitude
• Desire to get the job done right the first time
• Always driving for personal and professional improvement