GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION:  This person is responsible to ensure that feed material is available and fed appropriately to the dryer system for drying and torrefying.  He/she is also responsible for loading of all product trucks and ensuring proper samples are collected (if required) and proper paperwork is sent with each product truck.  He/she is responsible to provide fire watch duties for the operation.  He/she is responsible to communicate with the appropriate supervisors and/or managers during all upset or emergency conditions.


▪ Minimum 12 months of experience operating a front-end loader

▪ Sawmill, lumber production, or wood products experience






  1. Maintain feedstock for the desired throughput of wood chips through the dryer and torrefier
  2. Coordinate raw material feedstock deliveries with Malheur Lumber Mill staff
  3. Perform fire watch duties per the assigned schedule by making the necessary walk arounds of and feedstock piles
  4. Oversee the loading of all product trucks for shipment including making sure the truck driver has the appropriate shipping paperwork prior to leaving the plant site
  5. Assist QC Technician with proper collection of required samples for QC analyses
  6. Lead efforts by all operators to ensure a safe and clean environment
  7. Report unsafe conditions to Supervisor


This overview is non-exclusive and other duties may be required, added or removed as production requirements change.



  1. Must have minimum 12 months of front end loader operating experience
  2. Must have strong safety ethic to help drive the safety culture
  3. Must be physically able to accomplish physical requirements of the job
  4. Must be mobile
  5. Must have good vision
  6. Must be able to read and write in the English language
  7. Must be able to communicate with fellow employees to provide information regarding operational status and any safety concerns
  8. Must be capable of accomplishing needed work efficiently without constant supervision
  9. Must be capable of reporting to work on a regular basis in a timely manner
  10. Assist co-workers in keeping associated work areas clean

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