• Must have a willingness to learn, along with a positive attitude, and attention to details are the primary prerequisites to advance your metal working skills.
  • We expect everyone to follow strict safety regulations such as wearing heat-resistant gloves, hearing & eye protection, protective masks, and clothing, etc.
  • The company will provide all the protective gear needed to do the job safely so there is no out of pocket expenses.
  • We will also teach as needed how to weld using semi-automated overlays on large components using stainless steels, hardfacing, and other exotic alloys.
  • Weld positions are typically flat and mechanically controlled, and one part usually takes several days to weld, so there is not an overwhelming learning curve upfront.
  • All welding is indoors, and until you are completely trained, there will be occasional work outdoors such as sandblasting parts to help prepare them for processing.
  • There is also manual grinding between weld overlays required for weld preparation.
  • Experience is helpful, but we usually train as needed for our specialty line of work anyway. Your pay rate is adjusted based on productivity, not months at the job.
  • Therefore, your pay rate is based on proven skills not a resume or years of experience.
  • As required, we will help you learn to read and interpret blueprints and designs to make sure you are successful at your job.
  • Lastly, moving heavy parts will be done by others for the first several months for safety reasons.
  • $18-$25.00 DOE