Job Description



General Statement of Function

Supporting the Mission, Vision and Values of the Organization by Empowering People of Diverse Abilities; Envisioning All People Living, Learning and Working Together; Valuing Dignity, Equality, Integrity, Inclusion, Choice, Excellence and Empowerment.


The Direct Support Professional (DSP), under the direction of Program Manager or Lead is responsible for providing independence, support and personal care to medically fragile and/or behaviorally challenged adults with (ID) intellectual disabilities.  These supports are performed in a Residential setting in keeping with Organization’s philosophy of empowering adults of diverse abilities as it relates to supportive and respectful settings.  The DSP is expected to continue to strive for excellence by developing skills and expertise that directly relate to this position.  The DSP will be evaluated equally between their skills and conduct as they apply to the Mission, Vision and Values of the Organization.


Personal Qualities

The person in this position must value working in the field of intellectual disabilities; be flexible to support client choice by setting aside one’s values, and support the Values and Mission of the Organization.  Must be willing to do routine or detailed tasks, work effectively and productively as a team member.  Must be patient, tolerant, tactful, alert, and have a neat personal appearance for successful job performance.  Must have sound judgment and be an innovative problem solver to assure completion of ISP.  Each DSP is expected to contribute to staff morale by supporting the team with enthusiasm, confidence, and loyalty, use respectful and courteous language when communicating with team members, residents, parents, and/or guardians, and have a pleasant and positive attitude.


Essential Job Functions

This list of “duties” is not meant to be a complete list of all duties a DSP is responsible to carry out.  It is merely an outline of the areas of responsibilities and duties.  Each team member will have slightly different tasks within these areas that are directed and defined by the individual(s) supported and their specific support needs.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.



Including, but not limited to:

  • Regular attendance and punctuality is required
  • Promote Organization’s Mission and Values
  • Follow Organization’s established policies and procedures and changes as mandated by the organization
  • Dependable, reliable and regular work attendance, including required and regularly scheduled meetings, team meetings and in-service training
  • Maintain positive relationships with individuals supported and Organization’s team members
  • Understanding of and adherence to Oregon State Administrative rules/regulations and Federal regulations as applicable
  • Complete all duties related to being a Mandatory Abuse Reporter
  • Maintain all certifications as required by the position, Organization and other governing agencies
  • Maximize independence specific to the individuals abilities and support individuals choice in the community according to each ISP
  • Able to respond to emergency and/or crisis situations (may require physical intervention) at all times
  • Provide or assist with transportation needs for individuals being supported
  • Maintain a safe and clean environment at all times. Report all safety concerns to Program Manager. Follow all program policies pertaining to safety including OSHA standards and best practice.  Consistently perform job in a safe manner
  • Promote individual’s rights to respect dignity, choice and health and safety at all times
  • Must be literate and capable of understanding written and oral orders; be able to communicate with individuals, physicians, Service Coordinators and other appropriate persons
  • Basic writing, reading, math and computer skills
  • Respect and protect the confidentiality of each individual
  • Respect and protect the property of the individual and Organization
  • Participate in fire drills, safety checks and emergency preparedness
  • Be able to work alone or with minimal supervision with the individual(s) being supported
  • Must be able to meet and maintain minimum requirements of the Oregon Core Competencies
  • Other duties as assigned, requested or delegated



Including, but not limited to:

  • Assisting with, providing training to and/or completing the tasks necessary to maintain a clean, well maintained home environment (i.e. cleaning, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, bed making, vehicle maintenance, etc.)



Including, but not limited to:

  • Follow policy for money management
  • Document use of individual’s personal funds
  • Assure individual(s) have adequate supply of personal hygiene items, obtain regular haircuts, purchase clothing and purchase gifts/greeting cards for family/friends as appropriate


Personal Care

Including, but not limited to:

  • Assisting individuals in choosing and wearing clean, appropriate clothing for the weather/season
  • Assisting with and/or attending to individual’s personal hygiene needs
  • Assisting with and/or attending to individuals in all areas of personal care (i.e. bathing, feeding, toileting, changing briefs, dressing, etc.)
  • Respect and actively protect the privacy of the individual(s) being supported in regards to personal care needs



Including, but not limited to:

  • Knowing, understanding and implementing any health related orders/plans
  • Assessing health needs of the individual(s) and immediately report changes/concerns to program manager, RN or other appropriate person
  • Follow all individual emergency procedures and health protocols and access to emergency medical assistance as needed
  • Administer medications and treatments according to Organization’s medication administration procedure
  • Safe and secure storage of medications
  • Assisting and/or providing training to individuals to administer their own medications/treatments


Food and Diet

Including, but not limited to:

  • Safe food storage and preparation
  • Assisting with or completing the tasks of food preparation, preparing grocery list/shopping and/or meal preparation according to prescribed diet orders


Behavior Management

Including, but not limited to:

  • Knowing, understanding and appropriately implementing behavior plans and interaction guidelines
  • Obtain and maintain OIS (Oregon Intervention System) certification
  • Apply the principals of OIS and Organization’s behavior management philosophy and behavior management policies


Activities and Supervision

Including, but not limited to:

  • Be an active participant in the planning, implementation and monitoring of each individual(s) ISP
  • Use the ISP to plan and engage in appropriate preferred activities
  • Provide consistent, quality supervision and interactions with individual(s) being supported
  • Actively look for and provide opportunities to enhance the quality of life and provide community inclusion for the individuals supported by Organization
  • Be knowledgeable of each individual’s support needs, preference, interests and choices as indicated by the ISP and other documentation
  • Assist in building natural supports and maintaining relationships with people who are not paid to support individuals



Including but not limited to:

  • T-logs (individual/house) per Organization’s policy (activities, progress notes, etc.)
  • Health concerns (i.e. fluid input/output, seizures, vital signs, etc.)
  • Completing tracking systems (i.e. behavior data, sleep data, etc.)
  • Recording emergency situations and responses (i.e. fire drill, etc.)
  • Completing GER’s by the end of shift
  • Time is accurately reflected on timesheet daily
  • Completing in-service training records immediately after training




Expected Behaviors from Team Members

  • Refrain from and discourage gossip about co-workers behind their backs
  • Deal with difference of opinions in an open and respectful way
  • Recognize the need for diversity and flexibility
  • Establish and maintain a positive working relationship with co-workers and those you support
  • Handle conflict in a calm and helpful way
  • Be patient and tolerant of others
  • Be a good team player
  • Make effective use of time in order to complete day-to-day duties
  • Communication is the key to success
  • Accept responsibility without blaming others for problems
  • Refrain from avoiding work and passing it on to others; do your fair share


Occasional Job Functions

  • Assure adequate supplies of food and household products; communicate needs to Program Manager or Lead
  • May be requested to participate in off-site activities, which includes travel
  • Participate in the development of an individual’s ISP or attend on ISP meeting
  • Will be asked to be an Advocate for a resident
  • May be asked to assist with resident supports at another site


Education/Work Experience Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • High School diploma or GED desired
  • Consistently maintaining confidentiality is a priority in this position.
  • Experience working with people with disabilities desirable but not required.
  • Possess excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to get along with others and recognize the need for diversity and flexibility.
  • Must possess a valid Oregon driver’s license (driving record acceptable to our insurance carrier) and proof of personal automobile insurance. May be required to operate a mini-van, pickup truck or large van in order to transport individuals into the community.
  • Must pass the criminal investigations and background checks required by the Oregon Mental Health Division.
  • Must pass pre-employment and random drug screening
  • Must be able to obtain CPR and First Aid certification
  • Must be able to obtain OIS certification
  • Complete and maintain CORE Competencies
  • Complete Organization’s driving certification
  • Must complete 12 hours of job-related in-service training annually

Due to the nature of the job, you may be required to lift or move more than 40 lbs.


Working Conditions

Predominantly indoors, adequate heat, air conditioning, and lighting.  Some noise factors from residents. Loud voices, toys, running in the house, etc.  Supplies/some meals provided.  Frequent interruptions and changes in the routine are the norm.