The Custodian ensures a clean and safe environment for the students and staff at PBCCS. supervision of Facilities Lead, the Custodian performs routine cleaning, maintenance and the school building and grounds.


  1. Sweeps, scrubs, waxes and polishes vinyl, linoleum, tile, wood floors or other surfaces.
  2. Vacuums and shampoos rugs and carpets in school, offices and rooms.
  3. Cleans and dusts walls, furniture, woodwork, lockers and other equipment.
  4. Picks up papers and other refuse on grounds and sweeps walks and entrances.
  5. Cleans and polishes metal work such as door panels and handrails.
  6. Empties and cleans waste containers.
  7. Assists in moving or rearranging chairs, tables, desks, furniture and other equipment.
  8. Replaces light globes and tubes.
  9. Maintains equipment used in the course of work.
  10. Performs special custodial work upon the request of staff members and supervisor.
  11. Makes minor maintenance repairs to furniture and other building fixtures.
  12. Reports safety, sanitary, fire hazards and needed maintenance/security repairs to 13. Assists in the complete cleaning and routine maintenance of buildings and grounds.
  13. Cleans restrooms, which includes scrubbing toilets, sinks and drinking fountains, washing mirrors, walls, and filling dispensers.
  14. Washes windows throughout the school/facility.
  15. Cleans assigned classroom desks, sinks, and countertops in a timely manner.
  16. Washes, vacuums, or dusts food dispensers, the cafeteria freezer, windowsills, showcases, exposed beams, skylights, fire alarm bells, fire sprinkler pipes, and other surfaces.
  17. Meets and assists members of the public who have permission to use the facilities.
  18. Assures the cleanliness of an assigned section of the school building.
  19. Performs support services for special events and other activities at the school. This duty involves setting up chairs and/or tables, positioning bleachers, placing or removing mats in the gymnasium, unlocking doors and courteously responding to inquiries from students, teachers, and others utilizing the facilities.
  20. Required to provide contact phone numbers for call out lists and respond to after hour and weekend emergencies such as fire alarms, security alarms, snow removal, water leaks and vandalism.
  21. This duty may require adjustment of regular work hours necessary to cope with the problem.
  22. Removes snow and ice from walkways as required by weather conditions.
  23. Secures buildings as directed.
  24. Fulfills other related duties as assigned.
  25. Fulfills performance standards identified in the evaluation process as required by the position.
  26. Fulfills working conditions and physical effort listed below.


  1. High school diploma or the equivalent.
  2. Able to relate well to students, staff and public.
  3. Read, understand and carry out oral and/or written instructions.
  4. Adhere to the federal requirements of a drug-free workplace.
  5. Able to perform custodial functions at the rate expected of custodians in the same building.


  1. Possess the physical ability to regularly attend work and fulfill the essential functions of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  2. Lift, move, or be able to carry objects weighing 60 lbs.
  3. Use cleaning materials and equipment.
  4. Responsibilities may require the employee to stand and/or walk for long periods of time.
  5. Able to work from scaffolding and an 8′ ladder.

Full Time, $15-$18.60/hour + Benefits