Duties  for this position will include layout, assemble, install and maintain pipe systems, pipe supports and related hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for steam, hot water, heating, cooling. lubricating, sprinkling and industrial production and processing systems.


  • Read, understand and interpret drawings, diagrams, blueprints, specifications, work orders or reports
  • Plan pipe system layout, installation or repair according to specifications
  • Select pipe type, size and related materials, such as supports, hangers and hydraulic cylinders
  • Measure and mark pipes for cutting and threading
  • Cut and thread pipe to specifications, using tools such as saws, cutting torches and pipe threaders and benders
  • Cut and bore holes in structures, such as bulkheads, decks, walls and mains, prior to pipe installation, using hand and power tools
  • Assemble and secure pipes, tubes, fittings and related equipment, according to specifications, by brazing, cementing, soldering and threading joints
  • Attach pipes to walls, structures and fixtures, such as radiators or tanks, using bracket, clamps, tools or welding equipment
  • Inspect, examine and test installed systems and pipe lines, using pressure gauge, hydro-static testing, observation and other methods
  • Repair cracks or leaks
  • Modify, clean and maintain pipe systems, units, fittings and the related machines and equipment, following specifications and using hand and power tools
  • Resolve problems such as obstructions or holds
  • Install automatic controls used to regulate hydronic and refrigerant systems
  • Turn valves to isolate steam, water or other gases or liquids from pipe sections, using valve keys or wrenches
  • Remove and replace worn components
  • Perform routine preventative maintenance
  • Adhere to all safety policies and procedures
  • Majority of work is completed indoors in a manufacturing factory setting.


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Previous experience in HVAC or other related fields
  • Minimum 2 years working as a HVAC technician or pipefitting
  • EPA certification for refrigerant handling, Type II, III or Universal
  • Knowledge of refrigeration cycle, components & controls
  • Familiar with recovering, charging and evacuating refrigerant systems
  • Brazing experience required
  • Ability to handle physical workload
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills